5 Rules for Bartenders

The bartender life is one that many people enjoy and with the great bars and clubs found throughout Texas, the great money accompanying the job, and the fun, there is little wonder why. But, if you’re planning to enter this exciting world, there are a few important rules to keep in mind before taking the plunge. What should you know before you become a bartender?

1- You need a TABC licensing and should not work without one. It is illegal to do so and may cause you to face fines and lose your job!  Everyone who serves alcohol in Texas is required to carry this license. It is easy to take the test to earn the license, though keep in mind there is a fee for the examination and the license.

2- Don’t go out with your customers. Seriously. It might seem obvious, but going out with customers is off-limits. It might seem that it will be harmless, but it can prove to be very problematic – especially if you’re seeing more than one customer!

TABC licensing

3- Be polite and friendly to those in your bar, but be smart, too. After a few drinks, some people can get a little lippy or even bold in their actions. No matter what your job, this behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

4- Know the drinks that you’re serving. When you’re knowledgeable of the product line, you will make customers happy, build fans, and earn more tips. Everyone loves a bartender who knows their stuff, so make sure that you can offer recommendations and advice to those that you serve.

5- People tip because they like your service and the experience you provide. Along with knowledge of the alcohol that you’re serving, knowing how to laugh, make small talk, and joke is important. Your personality shines and earns the big dollars.