Making Your Treatment a Part of Your Life

For people with eating disorders, self-harm, chemical dependency, or depression, an IOP-Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program-may enable treatment without a full hospital admission that could bring their lives to a halt.

For an intensive outpatient treatment program, Austin TX and other communities across the nation have options available.  Consider IOP if you need detox but don’t require medical supervision, or you need a program into which you can integrate work and family.  IOP is good for helping you to mend the different areas of your life that your condition has affected.

intensive outpatient treatment program, Austin TX

IOP is a multi-faceted service covering a variety of needs.  It addresses Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) and can help you prevent a relapse.  It can help you control urges and cravings and understand the chemical processes of the brain that take place in addiction.  It incorporates spirituality (for the spiritually inclined individual) and the Twelve Steps of recovery.  And it includes family education.  It is a comprehensive and well-rounded system of wellness.

The key difference between inpatient treatment and an IOP is that under an IOP you stay at home but still receive care.  You run your own life, you still have a job (or can look for one), and you can work at repairing the damage to your personal life, all with the help and support of the program.  The program becomes a part of putting your life back together. 

Do you qualify for an IOP?  You may if you have an otherwise stable life that includes a good support system of family and friends, if you’re otherwise in good health mentally and physically, and if you’re comfortable in a group setting.  It’s a possibility for people needing to get healthy at the same time as they get on with living.