Mechanics of Proper Squats

While squats are generally done with the feet flat on a floor, sometimes trainers will have you put a thin mat under your heels. This helps to maintain better form and safety to some extent. It is not perfect, but it does change the distribution of weight for the entire body, often leading to reduced strain on the knees. The legs act as fulcrums for the lift while the hips and back stabilize the load of the weight.

A Device to Improve Your Squat Technique

No matter what actual techniques you use for squatting, the essential exercise is going to be the same. The tiny differences do matter and will also the movement in many different ways. Use a professional exercise board for best results. This board focuses the center of gravity line while continually placing you back into the correct squat position by the tipping beam. With the better boards, there is a perfect balance on the board.

exercise board

It is interesting to note that poor technique is often the result of too much weight on the bar. In order to lift it, you use the wrong muscles and the wrong form. The benefit of using a board is that it keeps you in proper form at all times. You may initially find this makes the squats more challenging. This is because you were using improper form before.

Ordering Exercise Equipment

The stabilizing board is definitely something to get for the safest form possible. The weighted bar will dig into your back and your hands without some kind of covering or padding. Bar neck pads are perfect for this and you should bring your own to the gym. Also, get a pair of sturdy lifting gloves, the kind with no fingers. These help you lift the weights without dropping them.